2015-16 Bushfire season approaches

What should we as a community be looking at doing this spring?

– Tree pruning – remove lower branches and check that power lines are clear (it is advisable to use a professional contractor for this).
– Reduce fuel levels around our homes (ie. keep grass short and clear flammable shrubs, leaves, etc)
– Ensure flammable liquids / materials such as petrol are stored adequately and away from the home.
– As the weather warms up and we begin to use our fireplaces less, it is a good idea to move woodpiles away from the home.
– Clean out the gutters and roof debris.
– Install fire breaks in accordance with the City of Armadale Fire break Notice. We will post more information on fire break requirements in the coming week.

And – of course – enjoy the nicer weather!

Bushfire Armadale

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