A letter of thanks from a firefighter to his Captain.

This video is for my Captain. Without his tireless efforts we wouldn’t be out and about doing what we do. He works so hard for us and our community in many ways, much of which goes unnoticed.

Well, WE do notice Cap. We notice and appreciate the responsibility you shoulder especially when most people just couldn’t. We notice the many meetings you attend and contribute positively to on our behalf. We notice you turning out and slogging it out by our sides. We notice that you have our backs. We notice the paperwork which never ends that you deal with quietly. We notice that you are a decorated Firie with a deserving Medal of Honour and a lifetime of fire fighting experience and we appreciate your generosity in sharing that with us. We notice that it’s not always plain sailing and how you deal with that with dignity and respect. We notice the personal sacrifice you make for the service, for the community, for the Brigade and for each of us. We notice and appreciate how you manage also to be a great Dad and the strain on your family life and that the sacrifices you and they make are very real and aren’t always easy. Many of us also appreciate the good bloke you are and are grateful for your friendship and supoort of us in our trials. Just wanted to say thankyou. You deserve it. Cheers John

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