Bedfordale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

Bedfordale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade (BVBFB) is located in the City of Armadale Western Australia in the locality of Bedfordale.  BVBFB is part of the City of Armadale  Fire and Emergency Services and the Department of Fire and Emergency Bushfire Service.  The BVBFB  Station is located on the corner of Waterwheel Road and Albany Highway.
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15yo Bedfordale fire cadet wins volunteering award

Comment News – August 1st, 2016 -Written by Tim Slater (Courtesy)


A PASSION to help the community and become a firefighter has led to 15-year-old Bedfordale cadet Lachlan Bormolini receiving a state award for his efforts.

Lachlan was the winner of the CWA of WA’s Young Volunteer of the Year Award last month.

“I was pretty excited to receive the award,” he said.

He joined the bushfire cadets in Roleystone when he was 12 years old and transferred to the Bedfordale brigade in 2014 because it was closer to home.

“I’ve always wanted to be a firey so I came down here and saw what the guys did and then I joined up,” he said.

“It’s like a family down here and we all help each other out and do the same jobs.”

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Support Dwight with us

4 year old Dwight has been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma. As Dwight is much more of a super hero than us firies, we are taking part in shaving our heads in order to raise funds to help support him and his family with medical, travel and living expenses.

Now some of us firies are a little ‘precious’, so we won’t be shaving our heads for a couple of dollars (but every dollar of every donation counts). Please help us raise some major funds to support this family. After all – could you imagine having to run between PMH and Sir Charles Gardener hospital with your 4 year old child almost daily for the next year, whilst also having a younger child at home, and the stress of work to get by?

When a child is fighting cancer, they need to know they’re not alone… They need to know they have a team fighting with them and for them. Well Dwight – you have a whole fire brigade fighting for you.

The big shave will be taking place at our Annual Dinner on the 21st May. We will make sure we get plenty of photos and videos to keep you all updated.

Don’t worry boys – we will have some beanies to keep your heads warm over winter.

Please donate via the following link:…/bedfordale-vbfb-shave-for-dwig…

We will also take cash donations at the station.

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5 Years On – Have We Learned Our Lesson?

Whilst for many of us it seems like yesterday, this weekend we will mark the 5 year anniversary of the devastating Kelmscott/Roleystone bushfire which saw 72 homes completely destroyed and another 32 properties damaged. With hot, dry conditions combined with a very strong easterly wind it created a fast moving, unpredictable bush fire that decimated and changed our community forever, well… for a few months anyways… but has anything really changed?

Today, we walked down some of the hardest hit streets from that day and it’s hard to fathom, it’s almost heart breaking trying to express what we saw.

With the hottest heat wave in years predicted for this coming weekend, and Western Australia already having experienced two deadly massive fires this summer, it seems almost improbable, how many residents today are completely unprepared for when that next disaster strikes.

We saw houses that have been rebuilt, with gutters so full that weeds were growing out of them. We saw another home where the leaves are so compacted in the gutters that tree debris rests on almost half the roof. One ember and we can once again say good bye to that house! We saw another property with firewood staked underneath the house. Many properties have tree limbs overhanging the house, and some houses were rebuilt less than one metre from a large tree.

One of the things that tends to always occur after a bush fire destroys is something called ‘the blame game’. Who is at fault? Why didn’t the fire authorities do more? Why didn’t someone snap their fingers and millions of litres of water magically appear and become available for residents and firefighters? This has been a harsh summer for bushfires. First in the surrounds around Esperance, and then to our friends just further down South Western Highway.

The blame game has once again been at play. It’s been spread throughout many media channels, now with government and private inquiries into what went wrong, who is to blame and who should suffer because of it all.

But how much blame can be pointed at ourselves? How much onus comes back on us to do the right thing? How much responsibility can we as residents in the bush take upon ourselves?

The Parkerville fires two years ago gave us one very clear indication into our modern society. Today, in this day and age, the trend is changing to where nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves. A survey conducted after the fire found that almost half of the residents were just waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. This included residents that could see their neighbours property on fire but because nobody had physically told them what to do, they were going to do ‘nothing’. Because nobody had officially told them to leave, they must be safe even though the entire street was on fire???

It’s sad, but this appears to be a similar mindset for some of those effected by bush fires already this summer. It’s a mindset that has to change, because as I said at the beginning of the season, it’s going to cost lives, and now it has. How many more lives have to be lost before we get the message to take some responsibility for our own actions?

In the Esperance fire, we lost four fellow human beings. Three of them were from other countries never having experienced a bush fire before. It’s heart breaking that they succumbed to one of our harshest realities. Leaving when it’s too late is the number one cause of death in Australian bushfires. Please understand this… leaving at the last minute is the worst decision you can possibly make. The message has always been the same… you either leave early, or you must be ready and able to defend your own property.

For years now, we have been trying to get certain messages across to the public, but it seems that every major bush fire those rules are thrown out the window.

There are many reasons for this but certainly the media has to accept some of the blame. They help with the message at the beginning of every fire season, but when the bush fires occur – the message they portray is completely contrary to what we’ve always said and what they themselves reported earlier in the season. Case in point is with a couple of elderly ladies interviewed from Harvey who the media made out to be heroes as they professed into the camera “we will save the village”. I give them ‘A+’ for a willing attitude and wanting to do more but a big ‘Fail’ for reality. The very next shot on the news program is what really upset me. The next frame showed them in their bathroom with the bathtub full of water and they were saying that they were ready to defend. This sends the wrong message that all it takes to defend the village is a bathtub of water. I can’t imagine, I can’t fathom at all why anyone would want to boil to death. That just seems border line insane, yet that is what the media was portraying at the time.

So at the beginning of the season they help us get the message across to make sure that your home is defendable, but in the thick of it all the only people that they show are the very ones doing the exact wrong thing and this mixed message is what costs lives. There is a lot of blame being pointed in a lot of different directions, but it’s time we all get on the same page.

As Bushfire Ready coordinator for Bedfordale and the surrounding areas, I want to make very clear what is required for you to even consider staying to defend your property during a bushfire. Allow me to preface this by saying that if the fire rating is Extreme or Catastrophic we NEVER suggest you stay and defend your home. However, should the following be true for you, then and only then you might want to consider staying to defend your property, if you are really willing to put your life at risk.

• You must be physically fit and capable of working non-stop, in a low oxygen and highly stressful environment for a minimum of 5 hours.

• You must have your own water source with a minimum of 20,000 litres (for fire danger ratings of Low-Moderate or High), 30,000 litres (for fire danger ratings of Very High) or more than 40,000 litres (for fire danger ratings of Severe). Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever rely on mains water to defend your property!!!

• You MUST have a petrol pump, stored fuel and hoses to adequately fight the fire.

• You MUST have adequate PPE (long cotton clothing, no synthetics, goggles, face shield, gloves, proper footwear).

• The rule of thumb is to stay more than double the distance away from the flames. So if flames are 20 metres high, you must stay 40 metres away from the flames or your skin will burn off the bone. Therefore you must ensure that you do not have any exposed skin, and that your firefighting pump and hoses can spray the water some distance away.

• You must have an safe evacuation point in case the fire overcomes you. (below ground swimming pool, nearby stream, etc). Please note: You should never have an above-ground water source as your safe evacuation point because the sheer heat from the fire could boil you to death).

• You must have a house that is in fact defendable (with less than 7 years’ worth of fuel on the ground surrounding it).

Unless all of the above are applicable to your situation, you are not adequately prepared to defend your home and you should evacuate early.

Remember, there are not enough fire trucks to defend every home, nor are there enough emergency personnel to tell you what to do, or when to evacuate. If the fire is approaching, just remember most people die leaving too late.

If you would like to know more about how best to prepare your home, your family or yourself from a bush fire, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Daniel Bremer
Bedfordale Volunteer Bushfire Ready Coordinator


Bedfordale Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Inc.'s photo.
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A letter of thanks from a firefighter to his Captain.

This video is for my Captain. Without his tireless efforts we wouldn’t be out and about doing what we do. He works so hard for us and our community in many ways, much of which goes unnoticed.

Well, WE do notice Cap. We notice and appreciate the responsibility you shoulder especially when most people just couldn’t. We notice the many meetings you attend and contribute positively to on our behalf. We notice you turning out and slogging it out by our sides. We notice that you have our backs. We notice the paperwork which never ends that you deal with quietly. We notice that you are a decorated Firie with a deserving Medal of Honour and a lifetime of fire fighting experience and we appreciate your generosity in sharing that with us. We notice that it’s not always plain sailing and how you deal with that with dignity and respect. We notice the personal sacrifice you make for the service, for the community, for the Brigade and for each of us. We notice and appreciate how you manage also to be a great Dad and the strain on your family life and that the sacrifices you and they make are very real and aren’t always easy. Many of us also appreciate the good bloke you are and are grateful for your friendship and supoort of us in our trials. Just wanted to say thankyou. You deserve it. Cheers John

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2015-16 Bushfire season approaches

What should we as a community be looking at doing this spring?

– Tree pruning – remove lower branches and check that power lines are clear (it is advisable to use a professional contractor for this).
– Reduce fuel levels around our homes (ie. keep grass short and clear flammable shrubs, leaves, etc)
– Ensure flammable liquids / materials such as petrol are stored adequately and away from the home.
– As the weather warms up and we begin to use our fireplaces less, it is a good idea to move woodpiles away from the home.
– Clean out the gutters and roof debris.
– Install fire breaks in accordance with the City of Armadale Fire break Notice. We will post more information on fire break requirements in the coming week.

And – of course – enjoy the nicer weather!

Bushfire Armadale

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2015 Hazard Reduction Activity

The brigade is currently conducting hazard reduction burns within the Bedfordale Area as weather permits.

If you are nearby or passing a Hazard Reduction Burn please be cautious. There may be Firefighters and vehicles on the roads as well as wildlife on the move.

If the smoke is particularly thick, it is recommended people shut doors and windows and turn off air-conditioners.

People with asthma and pre-existing respiratory, cardiovascular illnesses or diabetes should follow their pre-prepared treatment plan.

Smoke may reduce visibility on some roads and motorists should take care, turn on headlights and travel at appropriate speeds when traveling in these areas.

People with conditions exacerbated by smoke should take precautions in line with their medical advice for these circumstances.

We will attempt to post specific information about each burn on our Facebook Page

Please remember that Burning Permits are required from 1 April to 31 May Inclusive. For more information contact the City of Armadale – COA Permits Link

If you are a resident interested in conducting a Hazard Reduction Burn on your property with the Brigade’s assistance please contact the City of Armadale – COA Permits Link

We appreciate your support and cooperation and welcome feedback – please feel free to contact us.


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2015 Calendar Available

The 2015 fire brigade calendar has  arrived. Please come down to the station tonight at 7pm on Mondays or Fridays to pick up your own copy. Only $5 and all proceeds go to the brigade to purchase much needed items to better serve you and the community. Brigade is located at 2 Waterwheel Road in Bedfordale.2015Calendar

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Christmas Santa Run – Churchman’s Brook

Bedfordale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade will be doing a Santa run on Christmas morning starting from the station at 0900. Santa and his helpers will be handing out lollies. We can’t visit every street so if we are not coming down your street please wander to the closest street to say hello. You will hear the sirens come on now and again and we will stop at the Churchman community centre for 10 mins part way through the run.
Planned route is to start on waterwheel road, left into Meldrum and left into Grieve, back on to Waterwheel then right into Aviemore and right on to Waterwheel, left into Blisset, up Paull over on to Aulini and Vellender, right onto Waterwheel and stop at the centre, then up Darling Range, left onto Waterwheel, right into Dumas and right onto Waterwheel, head back to base and duck into Benbecula.
We are looking for donations of lollies so please let us know if you can assist and whether you are a private or business contributor.

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Busy start to the 2014 / 15 season

BVBFB attended Anketell Rd incident last night. Light tanker went down and the 3.4 after. We have also been to Nambeelup in the Shire of Murray, Pinjar in Waneroo and Southern River recently. Thanks again to the wonderful crews that take time out to help.


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Bushfire Ready Information Evenings

Local residents are invited to attend one of Bedfordale VBFB ‘Bushfire Ready Information Evenings’ next week on Tues 21st and Thurs 23rd of October at 7 PM at Bedfordale Fire Station – Corner Albany HWY and Waterwheel Road.The Fire Season is about to start and now is the time to prepare.

Refreshments and lots of information will be provided and you can join our local SMS notification system which activates in case of a major threat to Mt Nasura or surrounds.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to explaining bushfire behaviour, what to expect in a bushfire, how to redefine your bushfire plan and how to prepare your property for the upcoming bushfire season. You can also see the station, ask any questions you may have and chat with fire-fighters about brigade activities. New members are always welcome as well.

We will be conducting a Hazard Reduction burn (weather permitting) on Saturday in Bedfordale, attending the Kelmscott Show for fireworks safety on Saturday night and participating in the COA ‘Community Safety Day’ in Minnawarra park on Sunday (10.00AM until 3.00PM). – Our new website


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